My wife doesn't clean.  She exterminates messes.  She's a human vacuum as she tears through the house, throwing away everything in her path.  It's a testament to how much "stuff" we accumulate that there's anything left in the house.

According to Female First, there are ten things that women LOVE to throw away.  This list is meant to help guys avoid losing stuff that means something special to you.  Learn it, love it, live it.


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1.  Clothes-  As in, she goes through your closet and throws out your favorite t-shirts just because they have a few HOLES in them.

2.  Magazine collections-  Although, if you're holding onto old porno mags, it's probably time to modernize your smut-watching anyway.

3.  Old hobby stuff- Model airplanes, or in my case, old radio station memorabilia.

4.  Old CDs and DVDs- She doesn't like them, so they've obviously got to go... right?

5.  Your sofa when you first move in together- Because her sofa is nicer . . . even though it's not nearly as comfortable.

6.  Sports memorabilia-  She can try, but she knows she'll be going out with the next load of trash if she throws away my sports stuff.

7.  Artwork- She clearly has no taste.  Every tastefully-decorated house has a velvet Elvis painting AND the dogs-playing-poker painting.  Stay classy.

8.  Your ripped-up, old computer chair-  This goes for anything that's got that lived-in look to it.

9.  Your sound system- It's gotta go because it takes up too much space, and because she definitely doesn't have an understanding or appreciation for all those watts.

10.  Weights or any fitness equipment you never use-  This one I'm not prepared to argue about.  Throw them away.  That also throws out any chance you have to nag me about getting into shape.