There are tons of ways to fail in life, so how about some choices you can make in Texas that will go down as epic #Wins! Here we go...

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    Get Out And Learn About The State We Call Home

    The story of Texas is by far one of the most interesting histories of any state in the USA. Get out and explore it!

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    Go see a real Texas Rodeo

    Rodeo for the Win! There's one in Killeen this weekend! What are you waiting for? Ooooeeeee!

    TNS via Getty Images
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    Here at the radio station, our blood type is Queso

    You don't need a reason to stop what your doing to chow on some Queso. #TexMex for the win!

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    You will not regret this! Two hours outside on even a cloudy day will still have you looking like a lobster.

    Joe Raedle
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    Check out the Stars at night in Texas

    More stars at night that you can count! This isn't something you haven't heard before, but do you take time to notice them? You should! Be thankful you've got one of the best light shows around, every night, for free! #Win!

    NurPhoto via Getty Images