Tattoos have become more accepted in the last decade. People argue that a tattoo isn't just ink ruining your skin - it's an artistic symbolization of your life. As someone with three tattoos I will say it's not something you should get on a whim, but more of an idea that you've thought about and developed because it's permanent (no names of significant others unless you're married).

So when Texans think of their identity and what they're proud of, it's no surprise there's a ton of people out there representing Texas pride on their skin like badges of honor. From subtle to painstakingly overt, here are some of the best Texas tattoos.

1. We like our guns

2. Check out that landscape tat on the right - #Texassunsets

3. There are some Rangers fans in Texas

4. Dallas Cowboys get some fan ink

5. Flowers. Texas. What's prettier than that?

Second pass on @britneythinks Texas flowers tattoo. Thanks #dovetailtattoo #sandotattoo #texastattoo #austintattoo A photo posted by Ka Coatl / El Sando (@el_sando) on


6. Uhhh. Whataburger tattoo? Sure.

7. The flag in the background is a nice touch


8. Simplicity is beautiful with tattoos

#newink #texastat #ikebana #mizuno #elmstreet #mezamashii

A photo posted by Lauren Mathews (@laurenmmathews) on

9. Your favorite stops when riding through Texas

New #TexasTat #Texas #Tattoo #TattedVet #travel #culturedasfuck #usmc A photo posted by Daniel Gamez Gonzales (@daniel.g.gonzales.9) on


10. Picasso combined with the best-shaped state in the U.S.

11. This tattoo is all Texas

Nawlins shrunken head and my Texas masterpiece! @jennbat1031 #tattoo #merrob2014 #MURRICA #Texas #tattoosoftexas A photo posted by Robyn Hall (@robots_need_love_too) on


12. Bluebonnets. Texas shapes. 'Nuff said

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