You might think that you need a mountain to hang glide. Nope. Just need a rope, and something fast.

I'm pretty sure the "Powers that be" flip a switch in our DNA when ever the population gets a little out of hand and we're all suddenly looking to test the boundaries of our insanity.

One thing that's truly insane is hang gliding. When I lived in Wyoming there was a hang gliding platform on the mountain behind the city. I never jumped off of it, because I didn't have the proper paperwork proving I was nuts. I thought that I wouldn't hear about hang gliding again, now that I live in Texas. I was wrong. It seems you can hang glide in Texas, as long as you've got someone that will treat you like a kite.

P.S. It seems the World Record for Distance in a hang glider was set in Texas. 473 miles. It seems the "up drafts" are bigger in Texas as well.

  • Cowboy Up!

    Wharton Texas

    Just South West of Houston is Cowboy Up! They've been open since 2003. If you want spit down the mouth of death, feel free to call. 832-740-2004. Or online at

  • Fly Texas

    Granite Shoals Texas

    Take your first flights from a grassy hillside or enjoy a tandem discovery flight over the lakes or airports of central Texas with a certified tandem instructor.

    Contact them at (512)467-2529 or at

  • Bonus

    Basics of Hang Gliding