So you're in Philadelphia and you have already seen the Liberty Bell, eaten some cheesesteak, what do you do next?  Maybe run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art like Sylvester Stallone did in Rocky. 

That's what Peter Rowe  and two friends did last Saturday, They had just finished racing up the stairs when they saw.... Rocky!  Sylvester Stallone was there for real!


As the three celebrated at the top of the steps they heard a voice behind, "You guys got up here pretty fast. You're making me look bad." It was Rocky!


Stallone then posed for a selfie with the trio.


Thousands of people visit the steps each year to re-create the Rocky run and to take pictures with a Rocky statue.

Check out the montage of folks running up the steps during the end credits of "Rocky" Balboa".  That was "Rocky" number 6.



What was Stallone doing in Philly?  He is shooting another "Rocky" Movie!   "Creed," starring Michael B. Jordan, as the grandson of the first Rocky opponent, Apollo Creed. You gotta figure Rock will be training him and they, well maybe just the kid, will be running up those steps.