Townsquare Cares for all the communities who ended up in the path of Hurricane Harvey.

CEFCO, Troy Shell Station, Dennis Johnson, Patin Construction, Mitch & the crew at Temple Welding, Temple Orthodontics (1000 toothbrushes) and everyone who took time to contribute to the relief effort.

Victoria, Texas is another one of the very hard hit areas flooded by Hurrican Harvey. Last weekend we saw the H-E-B mobile fleet head to Victoria to support the first responders and shelters full of Texans who needed help. Other members of our Townsquare media family are also in Victoria, so it seemed like a great idea to get an 18-wheeler full of supplies off to that community.

The photos above almost don't do the experience justice because the feeling of seeing car after car of supporters arrive at our CEFCO stops can't be captured on film. The good that central Texans did for our neighbors down south is certainly visible, however, with countless items donated that will help provide relief the moment they are loaded off the truck in Victoria.

Thanks so much to our supporters and listeners for making this all possible. Forward the good y'all!

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