Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Kirbyville High School community after Principal Dennis Reeves committed suicide in the campus parking lot after turning in his letter of resignation.

KWTX reports that Reeves' body was found inside his truck in the school parking lot shortly after 5 PM Tuesday. Police found a .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol in the truck with Reeves' body. Police report the engine was running, and that Reeves had his vehicle in reverse; his foot was on the brake, which prevented the vehicle from moving.

The Chief of Police in Kirbyville, Paul Brister, told KFDM that Reeves had turned in his resignation to the superintendent about 4 PM Tuesday. The school's superintendent saw Reeves in his truck an hour later and called police.

Classes have ended for the summer at Kirbyville High School as of last week. No students were on campus yesterday when the events took place. Please keep the Kirbyville High School community in your prayers as they move past this tragic event.

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