Back in December, the world was treated to a rare "Christmas Star" when Jupiter and Saturn aligned. Of course, many of us here in Central Texas didn't get a great look at it because there were clouds on the horizon.

Hopefully skies will be clear this Sunday, because Jupiter and Saturn are going to throw another party, and this time Mercury is invited.

Forbes science writer Jamie Carter reports that these three celestial party animals will form a "triple conjunction" low on the southwestern horizon about 45 minutes after sunset on January 10. They'll form a radiant triangle that should be quite beautiful to look at.

Fingers crossed for a clear night, eh?

Carter says they'll be close to each other all this week, so be sure to look up. I mean, it's a new year, so you should be looking up anyway.

There are actually a lot of cool events happening up in the sky this week. You can see Carter's full list here.

You know, Carl Sagan once said something along the lines of people in ancient times having as much familiarity with the night sky as you and I have with our favorite TV shows. It's a shame we've sort of lost that, but hopefully we can all take time to look up and notice the grand beauty going on above us. As cliched as it might be to say this, it really can help put things in perspective. We're a little blue dot in the backwoods of a galaxy that's one of billions of other galaxies in a vast universe. Kinda makes our petty problems and the things we allow to divide us seem silly, doesn't it?

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