Former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Troy Aikman had a lot to say about the current QB, Dak Prescott in his weekly interview with KTCK 96.7FM/1310AM.

The three-time Super Bowl winner said Dak is "seeing the football field a lot better" when asked what has been the most impressive thing about the young gun seven weeks into the season.

He then went on to rave about how accurate Prescott has been.

"A lot of those things don’t come naturally for some players. Throwing the ball accurately does not come naturally for them. For me, it always did. For me, it always did. From the time I was real young when I would pick up any kind of ball I could throw it wherever I wanted to. But then there are others who we see and they can’t. The amount of time that Dak has put in is obvious."

-Troy Aikman

That's high praise from not only one of the greatest Dallas Cowboys of all time, but one of the greatest in NFL history.

The season has had its ups and downs, but Dak has been one of the constants all year.

"He’s a special, special guy and has taken some of the things that he maybe wasn’t quite as good at his first few years and he’s made those real strengths through sheer determination and a lot of hard work."

-Troy Aikman

Listen to the whole interview here.



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