The Texas heat brings out a lot of things. Mainly the high usage of AC, anger at how sweaty we become standing outside at any point during the day, and just overall wondering when the heat will go away. The Texas heat also affects the area around us in many different ways. We all somewhat frown at the fact our lawns turn brown during the summer don't we?

But more than that, the animals around us in the state also deal with the heat in different ways. So much so that some that are rather harmful to humans. We've talked about how certain animals can get angry during the summer months, but there's so many types of creatures in the state that we may forget some.

However, we aren't forgetting the deadliest insect in the nation and state known as the mosquito. It turns out that, well if you live in these two Texas cities, the insect really likes visiting that area.

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Mosquitoes And Two Texas Cities Swarmed With Them

So where in Texas do mosquitos most like frequent in our big state? According to Orkin, Dallas and Fort Worth tied for fifth in the rankings. Which is...well not good to say the least.

CBS Texas recently talked about the threat of the bugs in the Lone Star State:

Also, West Nile Virus has recently been found in Texas. While we haven't much of recently, previously mentioned in the video above, rain plays a factor for mosquitos reproducing.

Hopefully soon, these insects will move away from Texas. We're tired of getting bit after all!

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