The no. 11 Texas Longhorns face off against the 6th ranked Oklahoma Sooners in this Saturday's Red River Rivalry.

There will be plenty of trash talk on and off the field at the state fair. With Okie fans doing the 'Horns down' gesture and Texas fans saying all sorts of things I can't write here. One government agency couldn't stay away from the fun.

TxDot posted the following early Friday morning on their Facebook page. Just over 24 hours before the game.

When I began to read it I was moved by the message of harmony and love. Then with the subtle burn at the end, you can't help but chuckle.

Vegas may have Oklahoma as the favorite, but there are no rankings in this game. The underdog can always come out on top and has many times before.

I checked the Oklahoma Department of Transportation Facebook and they did a post about the game, but there wasn't any trash talk included. We'll see if that changes.

The first annual TxDOT vs. ODOT! I mean TxDOT has a better flow, so TxDOT 2, ODOT 0.

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