Eliza Webb has a soft spot in her heart for Juvenile Delinquents.  She wants to rehabilitate rather than incarcerate.  Well, at least in this case she did.   On June 14th, a 19-year-old and his friend broke into 13 cars in West Seattle.

One of the cars they hit belonged to 29-year-old Eliza,  and one of the guys accidentally left his PHONE in her car.  Eliza used it to track him down, then talked to his MOTHER . . . who told her to go ahead and press charges.  But Eliza didn't want to report him to police, because she was worried it would ruin his future.    Apparently Eliza’s  husband Blake was arrested for underage drinking at age 20, and that charge  followed him when he was first looking for jobs.

So instead, Eliza had Blake tell his story to the boys . . . and then she took them door-to-door to APOLOGIZE to all the people whose cars they'd broken into, and RETURN all the items they took.

Hopefully they learned their lesson and realize she gave them back their FUTURE!