It's hot.  We get it.  Heat advisories and misery as far as the eye can see.  No relief in sight.  We may be in denial after a cool, rainy spring, but the Dog Days of August are here.  Not only is it hot enough to cook food in & on cars, but it's also dangerous enough to cause real trouble for those that work or play outdoors.

I started sweating in mid-June, and I won't stop until the 3rd weekend in October.  There will be a period of three days where I'll stop sweating, and then the heat will return for another three weeks of sweating.  Again, we had a beautiful run of it in April & May.  This is payback.

Despite what we may think of the heat in Central Texas, we've got nothing on the Middle East.  The heat index reaching into the 160-170 range?  No wonder everyone over there is so angry.  Forget the drones, heatstroke is the biggest concern.

As if we needed any further proof that the Dog Days of August are upon us, I give you Bandit, the world's laziest dog.  He's so done with the heat that he won't even get off his back to play with his favorite Snoopy toy.


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