Chris Farley as an action hero?  It's hard to imagine the loveable tons-of-fun in Tom Cruise's role in the Mission: Impossible franchise, but we've seen worse fits (Ryan Reynolds & Ben Affleck as comic book heroes comes to mind) before.

I idolized Chris Farley in his "Saturday Night Live" days.  He was the big, loveable goof, and even though he was enormous in size, he was nimble and very much willing to take the pratfall when it was needed.  I don't see Farley doing his own stunts, a la Tom Cruise.  That could have possibly opened a different career path for me.  Stunt double to Chris Farley sounds like a noble profession, and I've got the matching body type to pull it off.

Had Farley lived it wouldn't be tough to imagine him going through the Jonah Hill weight fluxuations, leaving him fit enough to be believable as an  action hero.  What could have been?  We'll never know.  Then again, if Arnold can pull off his Terminator role in his geriatric state, anything is possible.  Thanks to "Funny or Die", we can see what it all would have been like.


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