Have shotgun, will travel.

Just because you've got a big gun doesn't mean you can rob anyone, or any place. Some type of surveillance should be used.

If the idiots in this video would have looked at the place first they would've noticed the "safe" room. Then the goal should've been to make sure people don't make it in to the safe room.

No surveillance was done, so the first thing Schmuck, Shmo, and Shmeese do is blast a round into the ceiling. That alerts the clerks, who then run into the room. Locking themselves, and the money with them.

Of course that also leaves the customers hanging. They have to fend for themselves. This is the frightening part. At this point, they can be used as hostages, or pawns to make the employees open the door. Luckily that thought never occurred to the stooges. You have to wonder. What's a more scary situation. Being robbed by morons, or being robbed by someone who's not high.

Posted by Ed Boyd on Tuesday, August 2, 2016