It has started. You are scrambling to find the perfect Christmas gifts for your friends and family because after Thanksgiving time starts to fly by at a tremendous speed.

Guess what you're about to be hearing through those speakers at your favorite store.

Christmas music.

Are the stores playing it to put pressure on us to make sure we start buying Christmas gifts for all? Is Christmas music used by stores to subliminally make us spend our Christmas money before December? Because it's totally working. It's not even December and I am broke!

Mat Hayward Getty Images
Mat Hayward Getty Images

Maybe you listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving because it puts you in the spirit of the Holidays. Hey, we aren't judging. We just want to know when you think it's acceptable to listen to Christmas music.

After all, Father Christmas, Michael Bublé, and Mariah Carey have been looking forward to this time of year. It's their time to shine!

Vote below and let us know when it's okay to start listening to Christmas music!

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