The attack on this Waco Transit Bus was captured back in February, but was only released Tuesday by the Waco Police Department Neighborhood Services Detectives on Facebook. Once the public got a look at it, Waco police say it only took 90 minutes for tips to start rolling in about who this man was.

The victim in the video wearing the sombrero claims he nodded a "hello" to the attacker who was sitting across from him on the bus. Police say the attacker then stood up, yelled at the victim, then began hitting him in the face. According to WPD on Facebook, the attacker returned to his seat, then got back up and attacked the sombrero man a second time.

The driver of the bus said she stopped along Lake Shore Drive in Waco. The attacker got off the bus, unloaded a bicycle, and rode away on it. The man who is said to have been a regular rider on the route.