Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

News 10 is reporting that a Central Texas man's service dog is still missing after both the owner and dog were involved in a car accident last weekend.

Randall Smith was involved in a car accident at Brazos Park East on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard between Herring Drive and Lake Shore Drive on Saturday. After the accident, his 8-year-old miniature Yorkie named Whiskey ran away from the scene.

“When I opened the door, Whiskey ran off and may possibly have been hurt,” Smith said.

Whiskey is a service dog.

Smith was immediately taken to the hospital and has since been released after receiving treatment for his injuries. He has been searching for Whiskey ever since.

“I am heartbroken and I need him back,” he said.

If you or anyone else has any information on the location of Whiskey, please contact Randall Smith at (254) 707-6012.


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