Jennifer Duncan faces a long, tough road to recovery after she, her 8-month-old son, and another woman were thrown from an I-35 overpass last Monday. Duncan shielded her son during their fall, saving him from serious injury. But her injuries proved quite severe, and she's lost a limb.

Duncan, 23, was involved in a crash on an overpass above South Fort St. in Waco on May 16. As she and Ashley MIchelle Anderson, the woman driving the other car, were waiting on the shoulder of the road, another crash occurred, causing a car to hit Duncan, her baby, and Ashley. The impact sent the three flying off the overpass - a fall of around 30 feet.

Duncan cradled son, Daniel Vela, during their fall, remarkably protecting him from any significant injury.

Witnesses on the scene ran to Duncan's aid and realized she had lost her left leg below the knee, but that baby Daniel was alert and showing no signs of serious harm.

Duncan recounted to family and friends gathered in her hospital room that all she could think about as she was thrown from the bridge was keeping her arms around Daniel.

“I just remember praying, ‘God, please don’t let my baby die’. It was the scariest thing you can possibly imagine. I’m just thankful my son is still alive”, said Duncan.

According to the family, Ms. Duncan has already undergone multiple surgeries and more are expected on a long road to recovery. Individuals close to the family have established a GoFundMe account (,
as well as a website for those interested in following Jennifer and Daniel’s recovery (

A charitable account for local gifts has also been established at:
Extraco Bank, For the Benefit of Jennifer Duncan.

Duncan's attorney, Daniel Stark, wrote in a press release that 100% of all donations, minus a 5% admin fee required by GoFundMe, will go to Jennifer Duncan to aid in her recovery.