Thanks to the Waco, Texas Police Department, a Robinson suspect who had been living freely in the community since allegedly stabbing a man in a domestic dispute the day after the Fourth of July is finally behind bars. A neighbor of the male stabbing victim was able to record the aggravated assault with a deadly weapon when it happened, and after 11 weeks, the man was finally taken to the McLennan County Jail.

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The cause of the attack is still to be fully vetted, but most involved with the case seem to agree that Jason Kevil of the 2200 block of North 42nd Street in Waco was home at on July 5th after putting the personal belongings of his ex-girlfriend on the curb. The ex-girlfriend then arrived in a pickup truck driven by her new boyfriend Joseph Andrade to discover all of her belongings near the street of Kevil's home.

Why was a man stabbed in Waco, Texas by another man?


What should have been a simple loaded of the woman's possessions into the back of a pick up truck turned into a shouting match between Kevil and Andrade. At some point Andrade escalated the fight from verbal into a physical one when he allegedly hit Kevil in the leg with a vacuum cleaner.

After the appliance attack, Andrade retrieved a knife from the truck, and according to the police affidavit,

"Kevil did not fight Andrade, but was ultimately sliced and stabbed by Andrade."

You can read more about the attack in this KWTX article.

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