A Waco, Texas police officer who had been on the job for 33 years, and never once had been fired upon, was the central figure in a teenager being sent to prison until he reaches middle age. The sentencing is a return into the system for 19-year-old Devonte Terrell Adams who had barely been released only a few weeks earlier from spending the 2 previous years in a Texas Juvenile Justice Department facility when several shooting incidents then took place.

The officer who was shot at in 2020 while taking shelter in his police vehicle was Detective John Clark. Detective Clark had been in the area when he responded to assist other officers after hearing several shots being fired.

According to this article with KWTX, Detective Clark calmly called for assistance on his radio while being pinned down by Adams using an AK-47. In total, 13 shots were fired as Adams and two others attempted to flee police from the area of the Estella Maxey apartment complex in Waco.

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In the end, it only took a jury 10 minutes to find Adams guilty of aggravated assault in February of this year. The sentencing was then determined by Judge Susan Kelly who had several words to also hand out to the defendant.

"You have the opportunity to tell those other kids who are putting our officers and the community in danger, put the guns down. You are not even able to drink alcohol legally. It’s got to stop."

In the end, a 19 year old is heading to prison after already being locked up for the majority of the last 5 years of his life.

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