A confession: I absolutely hate shopping. Everything else in our modern world is fast, time-efficient and powered by an app on a smartphone. So why do we have to get out and get sucked into the time-suspending malaise that is the grocery store.

Instead of being designed for our convenience, a grocery store is deliberately designed to intimate our brains into making rash impulse buys of products which we know are not good for us. That's why the milk is placed in the back of the store in the farthest point from the entrance. I know it's one of those retail tricks designed to boost add-on sales - they think they're so clever but it's really hucksterism at it's worst -  but considering the obstacles and distance the store layout forces people to overcome to obtain products which could be argued are the most essential. It's subconsciously antagonistic towards the customer, cruel, possibly even a human rights violation!

Today comes news from Walmart that you might not even need to get out of your car to shop for groceries. From drudgery to luxurious convenience and minimal physical exertion.

According to our news partner, KWTX-News 10, Walmart made public its plans to implement curbside pickup for groceries at stores in Belton, Copperas Cove and Killeen. Customers will be able to shop on the Walmart website or smartphone app and the goods will be waiting for pickup.

After all we're Americans, dammit...let some underpaid clerk handle our shopping for us! Wait, am I feeling guilty. Kinda, but not really.