Parents, be warned! Check every single present your child is getting this year. There is a new toy that will terrorize you. It will take over your life. And it may ruin your friendship or relationship with family members.

Just know if any person gifts your kid the new Baby Shark toy, they are out to get you.

Pinkfong, the creators of the viral song "Baby Shark", have made a plush toy that is at the top of many Christmas lists. Find the toy before it makes it to your child on Christmas morning and trash the toy as fast as humanly possible.

Yup, it's true. The Baby Shark toy plays that song that took over your life because your kid needed to hear it 27 times before taking a break to hear the song another 84 times.


According to Amazon, the toy is "highly addictive". The online retailer left out the warning of meltdowns and temper tantrums possible when the toy quits working.

In the toy description, it says "Battery not replaceable (up to 3,000 replays when played continuously)", so that means your kid will need a replacement after 2 days.

To all the parents that are willing to sacrifice their sanity for the joy of their children, we salute you. May the toy give out on you well before the 3,000th time it plays "Baby Shark".

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