State police in Connecticut responded Sunday to an incident in which a Dunkin' Donuts employee allegedly refused service to an officer.

According to WSFB-TV, the officer was standing in line at the shop in West Hartford, CT when a female employee spotted him and yelled, "We don't serve cops here." The officer left without comment, but was approached by the employee and a manager while sitting in his patrol car. The employee apologized, but the officer asked that she instead apologize to customers who seemed to be offended by her comment.

"We are aware of the situation at the Dunkin' Donuts at 1234 Farmington Avenue in West Hartford. The crew member exhibited poor judgment and apologized immediately to the police officer. The franchise owner, a long-time supporter of local police, has also reached out to apologize on behalf of the restaurant. Dunkin' Donuts and our franchisees share a commitment to the well-being and fair treatment of all guests."

It is unclear why the employee acted in such a manner, though some reports say she claimed it was a joke.