The Free Dictionary defines the phrase 'give you the creeps' as making someone feel nervous, afraid, or uncomfortable. It could be anything that just doesn't feel right, something that you find disgusting, or maybe a situation that scared you as child and still bothers you now.

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My personal answer: grasshoppers, due to the fact that one bit me when I was a child. Yes, they bite, in case you're wondering, and it's painful! When I asked Central Texas the question "What gives you the creeps?", insects was one of the most popular answers. However, you might be surprised at a few of the things that people find disturbing.

Central Texas, What Creeps You Out?

The one thing that creeps me out is that feeling that you get when you know somebody is watching you, without looking at them. - Loretta, Killeen

Spiders really creep me out. I fully understand and appreciate their role on earth, but if they come out and make themselves known to me....they gotta go!! - Stephanie, Temple

The economy! - Tracy, Killeen

What gives me the creeps is when someone stands right behind me and looks over my shoulder. - Stacy, Temple

Balloons! Especially when little kids have them...never know when they'll pop. - Jenise, Kempner

Daddy long legs creep me out ..especially when there is a lot of them on a wall. They look like they are's creepy. - Jessica, Temple

Crickets and stick bugs give me the creeps!! It's probably the only time you'll ever see me run! - Katie, Fort Hood

Goats creep me out! - Janelle, Moody
Owls give me the creeps! - Gladis, Holland
Snakes. Beyond a doubt I will run you over to get away from a snake. - Reggie, Temple
Message us on the US105 app and share what gives you the creeps. Is it people, insects, reptiles, or something else?


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