We all remember growing up and being just enamored with something. That one item that peaked our personal interests so much that for a while it became basically our personality. However, some of us face getting made fun of for our passions.

We might get bullied, left out of conversations, or simply appear to be out of the loop for things that we are fond of. No doubt the way we are harassed for our passions effects us in a way. But here's thing: there will always be someone who shares your thoughts and you like.

Thankfully here in the Lone Star State, it looks like being a nerd about something in Texas is a mutual feeling.

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Want To Geek Out In The Lone Star State? You're In Luck!

Data is always being collected here in Texas, and sometimes it reveals the area we reside in very suitable to simply geek out in. So we turn to LawnLove for the statistics we're discussing.

Using some very simple categories: Access to collectables and costumes, community in the area, and events held in the area, LawnLove was able to ascertain how geeky some parts of the state get. How hard do we nerd out you may ask?

Well, the data showed three major Texas cities landed in the top ten. Topping the list for Texas was San Antonio at number three, with Austin and Houston landing at sixth and seventh in that order. Dallas also made the top 50, with many other cities in the Lone State making it into the list, including Killeen at 168.

So Texans, there's one thing left to do: GEEK OUT!

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