What would I do if I won the Powerball Jackpot? First of all, I would not quit my job. I would continue to hang with all of you on the radio and online.

Naysayers can argue if they want to, but I really love my job and would want to continue to work. Now, I might bargain for a little more vacation time with the higher-ups, but I would not quit my job.

I mention vacation time, because I would absolutely use some of it to travel. I visited Italy in 2012, and I'm excited and ready to return to Western Europe.

I would also hire a personal trainer and chef to keep my health in line, and help keep me accountable. While I'm on the topic, I would also want a housekeeper ... and a new house while I'm at it. Nothing too grand, but something with a little more space and a state of the art home sound studio.

This is adding up quickly.

I like my vehicle, but I would pay it off. I would keep my home, pay it off and rent it out. Then I would hire someone to manage that, too.

Yes, I would make smart investments as well, and I would donate more money to charities in addition to volunteer work.

I would also spread the wealth among my family and friends. I would love to treat my best girlfriends to an all-expense paid spa getaway.

Tomorrow night is the night. As of Tuesday, the current estimated jackpot is at $450 million. I'm buying my ticket on my way home from work this evening. Wish me luck!