Justin boots creating men's and women's Whataburger themed boots is as Texas as it gets.

MySA writes that singer Randy Rodgers made the initial announcement of the two Texas giants partnership at a show at John T. Floore’s Country Store in Helotes.

They look like a quality boot. You can only get the boots at Whatastore.com for $249.99.

As cool as they are, I'm not paying $250 for a pair of boots.

I have maybe seven or eight pairs and never paid over eighty bucks for one.

The trick is to be patient and go to antique stores and yard sales. Antique stores is where you'll find the hidden gems. Good as new for a steal.

I'm as cheap as the day is long and need to write a book on where to find the best deals. That tip I give to you for free.

Give me a year or two, I'll find a Whataboot for $20.

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