As if we all needed another reason to head to Whataburger. The Texas burger chain isn't just known for for its taquitos, fries, chicken tenders and oh yeah... burgers. Whoever holds the phone for their Twitter account has an awesome sense of humor and a "beef" with international star Kanye West. Kanye hits the headlines more than I'd like but in this case, I and many others don't mind seeing Whataburger poke Yeezy.

See for yourself:

Oh. Whataburger isn't done yet. The next tweet they put out got 2,240 retweets and 2,680 likes.

His fans weren't having any of it though.

Considering Kim Kardashian isn't happy with her husbands exploits on Twitter, I thought this Tweet was exceptional, and timely.

Don't mess with Texas. All in all, it's just some good ol' social media marketing that will make some people laugh and some people cry.

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