Whataburger and H-E-B are about to introduce Buffalo Sauce, 40-ounce Fancy Ketchup, and 40-ounce Spicy Ketchup at H-E-B stores!

It's a brand new flavor along with two classic fan favorites in a bigger size. Whataburger's new Signature Sauces include Buffalo Sauce, 40-ounce Fancy Ketchup, and 40-ounce Spicy Ketchup. Here's what folk's at Whataburger want you to know from their press release:

Buffalo Sauce
The flavor of our Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich lives on in this sauce. It's tasty and buttery and has just the right touch of heat for your home-cooked meals.

40-ounce Fancy Ketchup
Originally launched at H-E-B in 2013 in 20-ounce bottles, Whataburger's Fancy Ketchup now comes in a larger 40-ounce size. Admirers even have a dedicated Facebook fan page with more than 20,000 fans, where fans have described the condiment as "life-changing," "best on the planet" and "ketchup of the gods."

40-ounce Spicy Ketchup
First introduced as a limited-time offer in 2011, Whataburger's Spicy Ketchup was also added to H-E-B shelves in 20-ounce bottles and made permanently available in all restaurants in 2013. This jalapeño-infused condiment with a taste bigger than Texas is a fan favorite that combines sweet and spicy flavors that anyone can enjoy.

Whataburger's Vice President of Retail Mike Sobel says, "At Whataburger, we believe in serving great food that's full of flavor. We love hearing from fans about their favorite menu items and Signature Sauce pairings, and we're happy to expand our lineup of sauces at H-E-B to help satisfy their cravings. Plus, we think our fans will be delighted to know they can get Texas-sized, larger versions of their go-to ketchup condiments."

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