Drunk driving is one of the stupidest things a human being can do. It's right up there with leaving a baby alone in a tub, not using oven mitts to pull things from a hot oven, or paying hard-earned money to see a Michael Bay movie. Those of us who ride sober don't always think to be on the lookout for people who may be behind the wheel while inebriated, but just because having drinks, then going for a drive is inconceivable to us doesn't mean we can't get into a crash with someone who doesn't give it a second thought.

While it's important to always be vigilant and alert behind the wheel, it could be useful to know which days and times are, statistically speaking, most dangerous. Thanks to a recent article from the folks at iLawsuit, we now have a pretty good idea.

According to their compilation of Texas Department of Transportation data from 2015, Texans are most likely to be in a fatal car crash on Saturdays in the 2 AM hour. That finding isn't surprising, nor is their finding that Wednesdays are the safest days from a numbers standpoint. Still, their charts are impressive and confirm the common sense notion that you've got to be extra careful when you're out late on a weekend.

iLawsuit's contributors found that an average of 55 accidents occurred around 2 AM on Saturdays. The 8 PM hour was almost as dangerous, with an average of 42 wrecks resulting in lost lives. Surprisingly, Sundays from 10 PM to Midnight saw an average of 33 fatal wrecks. Maybe it's just me, but I work Mondays and wouldn't be out drinking that late anyway.

You can see all the numbers and easy-to-understand charts at iLawsuit.com. Personally, my mom taught me to drive with the mindset that every driver around me is either inebriated, incredibly dumb, or not paying attention, and to always drive to survive, not to "win". Still, it's fascinating to see the numbers.

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