Going on Vaca with your family is a special thing. Especially if you've chosen a career that keeps you away from them because you either go where you are deployed, or you seek out the jobs and travel to where the work is.

It was the first time I could spend with my nieces in a couple years and I haven't laughed so much since the last time we all took a trip together. A trip to Disney with a 6-year-old princess and a 4-year-old princess is always gonna be amazing.

We para-sailed, canoed, went fishing, ate everything, got rained on, got sun burnt, and met every character who would sign anything. I saw 2 Cubs games on TV (a treat cause I don't have cable at home in Central Texas), and had beers with my little brother who also joined us. I also learned walking 8-to-10 miles everyday for two weeks will makes your knees feel 40 years old.

Most of all I was reminded so many times how lucky I am to have a big family with lots of love and support to go around.  So, it was everything a late summer trip to Florida should be. The family has been going to Disney World together since 1986. If anyone ever wants to call up and get tips on a trip with your family, I'm happy to share all the do's and dont's we've learned over the years. Your kids will love it. It did my heart good to spend time with my family, so thanks for hanging with Jason and Aaron while I took some time away.

It's great to be around people that love us. And it's great to be back sharing something I love with all of you and that's music. This is a radio station that's gonna play tons of the best new country, we're gonna keep our eye on events and happenings in Central Texas from Waco to Round Rock, and we're always having more fun with contests, local heroes, musicians, Cowboys and Cowgirls. I feel blessed to be back in Central Texas. Thanks always for doing it country with US 105!