Here is some photographic evidence of why you should never swim or boat near the Belton Dam Pump House especially when the lake is being drained.

It's pretty hard to miss the whirlpool in the photo, and you certainly don't want to be swimming in this area of the lake near the pump house at any time. These photos were captured by Jason Brumbalow and used with his permission to show off the hazard. It's a whirlpool created by a downdraw of the pump house.


We asked local expert Rick Smith of Marine Outlet in Temple about these whirlpools. Rick told us that for a long time there had been bouys in the area of the pump house to keep boats away but he could not recall if they are still in place in the spot shown in the photos.

Swimming, water skiing, and fishing should all be done away from the pump house to avoid a dangerous situation. Thanks to Jason Brumbalow for sending us these photos. He is right to spread the word and remind people the hazards that can be found on the lake. Be safe and have fun on beautiful Belton Lake.

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