This week Pat Green tries to get “Even the Losers” No. 1 for a second consecutive week. Last week it became his third No. 1 single off “Songs We Wish We’d Written II.” but Eli Young Band, Reckless Kelly and Kyle Park are all hot on his heels. Can he hold them off? Let’s find out.

10. Worth the Fight – Cody Canada and the Departed

9. Rainout Hangout – Josh Ward

8. Ride of Your Life – Jason Cassidy

7. Crazy Again – Roger Creager

6. Running – Phil Hamilton

5. Smile – Curtis Grimes

4. The Night is Young – Kyle Park

3. Pennsylvania Avenue – Reckless Kelly

2. Say Goodnight – Eli Young Band

1. Even the Losers – Pat Green

Congratulations to Pat Green who stays another week at #1 in Texas.

Check out the complete list of the Top 100 songs in Texas here. 


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