I remember some epic battles with my older brother while growing up.  We were constantly at each other's throats, and as the younger brother I always felt I needed to prove myself and keep up with him, despite being 18 months younger.

It was at about the age of 12 that I finally hit puberty and began to keep up with Jason.  I even began to finally win our basketball games.  He hated that I'd become a threat to his Alpha status as the oldest sibling, and he took it out on me in the way of knocking me to the ground every time I took a shot.  We got into more fights during our basketball games than anywhere else, but it was the price to pay for my athletic domination.

It's those memories that really made this video hit home.  An older brother lost a bet to younger bro, and the resulting public dance party is quite entertaining (from the younger brother's perspective, anyway).  This story has a silver lining, though, in that the loser of the bet got a date out of it.