Bradley Cooper is rumored to be the title character in an upcoming movie about the life of Lance Armstrong.  For Lance, it's good news AND bad news.  Here's why:  Lance Armstrong has had a bad year, to say the least, and 2013 is only going to get worse.  The admission on the Oprah Network has led to Lance polling lower than congress.  It's also led to lawsuits piling up and Lance is bound to lose millions of dollars.  Now news has come out that there's going to be a tell-all movie.

There's a silver lining to this dark storm for Lance, however, as rumors are rampant that Bradley Cooper will play the confessed-cheater in the movie.  That's the best piece of news Lance has received since he last donned the yellow jersey.  Who wouldn't want to say a looker like Bradley Cooper was playing them in a movie?  It's true that the movie won't be the least-bit flattering to Mr. Armstrong, but at least no one has to wear a fat suit to play the role.  For what it's worth, Cooper denies the rumors.

I had always hoped that Chris Farley would play me in a TV movie, but his drug addiction made sure that wouldn't happen.  As a matter of fact, both my celebrity doppelgangers are dead.  That's not comforting.  Dave Williams, formerly of the heavy metal band Drowning Pool was the other look-a-like.  Since someone playing your character generally has to be younger than you I think the fat kid from "Drake and Josh" could have played me before he lost a ton of weight.  The kid from "Two and a Half Men" could also play my role.

What about you?  Who'd play you?  More importantly, who'd play me?  Vote below.