Florida gets a bad rap. It seems all the dumb crime stories are committed by Florida folks (Floridians????). But, hey, they now have what seems to be the coolest hotel ever.

FOX4 writes that the 450-foot structure in Hollywood, Florida is part of the Hard Rock Hotel's $1.5 billion expansion.

At night, a beam of light will shoot into the sky, and lights on the building will mimic the strings of the guitar. It's not limited to one color either, check out the video below to see a different look.

That $1.5 billion also adds a new comedy theater, 26,000 square-foot promenades of retail stores, a private lagoon area, designed to resemble Bora Bora's overwater bungalows, and a 13.5-acre pool with a lazy river.

When you enter there's a fountain with a laser show that goes off every 40 minutes.

I'm sold. I know a couple of folks in the Sunshine State. I haven't looked at rates, I don't want to. I like the idea of going and just never going.

If you have a little extra jingle in your pocket, go and take pictures for me alright.

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