Elf On The Shelf has reappeared. I’ve started to see people show off the unique ways their elves have started to hang out around their home. Why do parents keep bringing out the Elf on the Shelf? One friend wants to quit doing elf on the shelf but her kids are super invested in it. She compared the elf to those small yappy show dogs that you dress up. Another friend claimed that her husband needed to take over with the Elf on the Shelf because she kept forgetting to make sure the elf moved overnight. Some parents have claimed the reason they keep it a tradition in their house is to keep their kids in line. If you touch the Elf the elf loses its magic? Pretty genius parental units!

If you’re a parent who has the Elf on the Shelf visit your home before Christmas every year tell us why you do it. Is it a fun project for you? Do you do it for the sheer enjoyment of your kids? Tell us why you Elf on the Shelf!

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