You already know that I didn't go to college, and therefore am in no position to speak on the quality of a college education, but you also know I love to read, have a big mouth, and look forward to a lovely tea party from time to time. No matter your level of allegiance to Texas and how deep a shade of rose your glasses are, you have to admit your surprise that only one college from the Lone Star State made the list of the worst in America when you simply consider the vast number of institutions eligible for a summary like this.

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How were the worst colleges in America ranked?

The list was compiled by Avocadoposts and featured a variety of comparisons of attributes like tuition costs and graduation rates versus average salary of graduates and size of debt load from the school's expense. The article lists the 54 worst colleges in America, but the article's title is,

"45+ Worst Colleges and Universities in America Ranked."

The Texas College is Texas College in Tyler, Texas, and it came in at number 48 on the list, so still a safe distance from 1st. If there is any consolation to being named 48th it is if they had stopped at 45 like the title indicates, Texas College would not have even made the list.

Also, no matter how good or bad the college or university is in Texas or the United States, there is still now way I am ever getting accepted. For that, we should all probably count our blessings.

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