Sometimes when a place gets your order wrong, it can be frustrating, but other times you find that you made it out better than before.

This morning I wanted to treat myself to a nice cup of coffee from Starbucks. I don't have any shame in telling you that I absolutely love Starbucks, and I'm still really sad that the location on West Adams closed during the pandemic. Now I journey to the Starbucks off of I-35 near Buccees because it's the closest location to my job.

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I decided to order my usual: a grande hot white mocha chocolate latte. See, you have to say "hot" during the order, because if not they'll ask:

"Did you want that latte hot or iced?"

Apparently there are some out there that want cold lattes, which is why the Baristas have to clarify. Anyways, I ordered my drink and even though there was a long line, I received my latte pretty quickly.

When I got to work, I finally took a sip of my coffee and found myself very surprised. What I tasted seemed like steamed sweet milk. I took off the lid and discovered that the entire cup was just milk. My co-workers insisted I pour out the cup to double-check, and guess what? It was literally just a cup of hot milk.

I decided to journey back to Starbucks and politely informed them of the mistake and they apologized and made me another drink. I had to wait a few minutes, and for that they awarded me a gift card for a free drink. I honestly wasn't too worried or upset at all. I found the situation pretty humorous, and I definitely understand that mistakes happen. Plus, now I can enjoy a free drink!

Have you ever found yourself with a wrong order, and then received more than what you paid for? you find yourself cursed with wrong orders that never get resolved?

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