The newest EP from Zac Brown Band, in many ways, is not much different from what you may have heard recently from Jason Aldean or Florida Georgia Line.  ZBB has gone outside the country music world for his latest effort, but unlike the others, he's gone rock... not rap.

Zac Brown is such a fan of Grohl's work that he asked the rocker to work with him as the EP's producer.  They gathered in Grohl's studio, threw out the computers, and went old school.  The four songs on the EP were recorded using ancient recording equipment, including a 4-track recorder.

With Zac Brown's criticism of the state of country music being well documented, it IS worth noting that luring a true hard rock/heavy metal guy like Dave Grohl to produce an EP for you is somewhat hypocritical.  The video for "All Alright" has been released, and it's opened the doors to the studio to see the behind-the-scenes of it all.  The Grohl Sessions Vol. 1 EP includes a 45-minute video of behind-the-scenes footage that's worth the cost by itself.

Dave Grohl is the world's last great rock star.  He survived, literally and metaphorically, Nirvana's sudden ending, to forge a long-running musical career.  After Nirvana, Dave Grohl picked up a mic and a guitar and left the drumming to someone else.  His music is heavy.  It's not for everyone, but mark Zac Brown down as someone that digs it.

The release of The Grohl Sessions, Vol. 1 in December of 2013 went without a ton of fanfare, but it has been slowly gaining traction.  The release of "All Alright" as a single has certainly brought the album further into the spotlight, but we're all even more excited about hearing an entire new album in 2015.