Admit it. You love these guilty pleasures.

Let's be honest. Although we try to act like we are cultured and classy 24/7, we all have guilty pleasures. Those  things that we secretly love, but would never admit to. The dictionary defines guilty pleasure as something that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard. With that in mind, check out our list of the top 10 things we all secretly love, but would never admit to below!



Just ask Bravo VP and superhost, Andy Cohen. Nothing draws an audience like a good cat-fight. Whether your a Real Housewives fan, rep the Jersey Shore, or can't look away from the weirdos individuals on My Strange Addiction, we all have a trashy tv show (or 10) that we secretly love.

GIF via Real Housewives of New Jersey


Sure, we may publicly claim to hate One Direction, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus, but I dare you to not sing along to Wrecking Ball or jump up and down when and old school NSYNC song comes on. Impossible.



I personally don't even try to hide my love for the Golden Arches, but many people try to act like they'd rather die than eat at McDonald's or Taco Bell. But put an order of McDonald's french fries in front of anyone, and I guarantee they won't be able to resist. (I have a theory that they are secretly laced with crack...they are that addictive.)

GIF via McDonald's commercial


Don't even act like you don't look at yourself crying in the mirror from time to time. And after a good cry, you just feel cleansed.

GIF via Alice in Wonderland


Show me someone who doesn't like a good rom-com or teen drama, and I'll show you a liar. Whether you prefer a good Meg Ryan flick, a sappy Nicholas Sparks movie, or Twilight, we all love chick flicks. (Yes, even guys.)

GIF via Twilight


I love we how pick up Ok! Magazine in the grocery store and act like we are looking at it ironically. In reality, we just wanna know how Kim Kardashian lost her baby weight, and who's designing her wedding dress!

GIF via Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


Sure, we act bummed when we say we 'can't go out', but secretly, we're *thrilled*. Seriously, nothing provides better instant relief than cancelling plans and doing nothing instead.

GIF via John Mulaney New in Town


As much as we claim to love girls night out, sometimes it feels good to just hang with the guys. No one secretly judging your shoes or your attempt at winged eyeliner. And you can eat whatever you want without worrying about looking like the pig of the group. I assume the opposite would be true for guys as well. Sometimes they need a safe place to drink wine and discuss the latest episode of PLL or their ex gf without judgement.

GIF via 30 Rock


Be honest, as long as your not the subject, nothing get's you chattier than a juicy piece of gossip. Especially if it's about a frenemy.

GIF via That's So Raven


Even it's by someone we would NEVER be interested in dating in 35235246 years, the attention still feels good. Sure, we might act disgusted, but nothing boosts your confidence on a bad hair day like someone trying to pick you up at the grocery store. (Unless they are scary. Then you freak out and get your friend on the phone as a witness in case you're kidnapped by weirdo.)

GIF via Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


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