Try to make it through this list without losing your lunch.

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It's a fact. Some words were invented just to gross you out. Since I was a kid, there have always been words that totally make my skin crawl. To this day, I can't have a conversation with someone if they insist on using the word "moist". Upon discussing my list with other "word haters", I've narrowed it down to the worst 10 words in the English language. (Excluding certain four letter words, of course).

1) MOIST- Worst.Word.Ever. I have never met a girl who can say this word with a straight face. Everything about this word suggests yucky connotations. I can't even.

2) TENDER- Ugggh. This one sends shivers down my spine. I especially hate this word when it's used to describe how a body part feels.

3) PANTIES- Okay, I don't like this word to begin with, but it becomes 234235 times worse when the speaker leaves the "t" out. (ex pannies) Please, do us a favor, and stick to the generic "underwear".

4) HUN- I'm a pretty even tempered person (most of the time) but call me "Hun" and I will secretly want to punch you in the face. Sorry, not sorry.

 5) PIT- OMG. I'm literally throwing up in my mouth. Please refer to that area of your body as your "underarm". Thanks.

6) OOZE- This word makes me immediately visualize someone who has an infection that needs to be taken care of, STAT!

7) TOOT- I debated including this word because it embarrasses me to even type it. Even worse when "P" is substituted for the "T".

8) NURSING- Okay moms, I'm all for you having rights to feed your baby however you want, but please don't talk to me about it. Ever.

9) BREATH- I think I might be alone on this one, but I hate hearing people describe their breath. Like, I'm shivering now just thinking about it.

10) CREVICE- Only made worst when preceded by the word "Moist".

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