As the calendar year 2016 draws to a close, we took a look back at some local hard-to-believe crime headlines that happened right here in Bell County (and a few around Texas). To see the full story as you go down the list, simply click the headline to be taken to the article. Let's check out some moments almost too dumb to believe from the past 12 months.

  • Game-Xchange-in-Killeen-Google-Maps

    Teens in Stolen Car Robbed at Gunpoint by Man in Stolen Car

    Yep. you read that headline correctly. Three kids were reportedly too young to sell a gaming console at the Game Xchange at 2501 South W. S. Young Dr., so they found a man who agreed to sell it for them.

    The trio told police that after the man sold the console, he refused to give them the money. They followed him to a car where he pointed a gun at them, then got into another car and sped away.


    ABC News Butchers Texas Map

    ABC News was talking about all the rain that we’ve had in 2016 when they put up a map of Texas. It's not a crime story per say, but it is a crime they didn't realize their map was completely wrong.

  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    Temple Wedding Reception Ends With Aggravated Assault

    It's the best example all year of how not to behave on your wedding day!  25-year-old Jerrod Vasquez punched his bride’s Uncle in the face after hearing something offensive said to his wife. The groom’s new relative then fell to the ground, busting his face even more on the concrete, then he passed out.

  • Belton-High via googlemaps
    Belton-High via googlemaps

    Clown Threat Prompts Caution at Belton High School

    That time some wiseguy brought Belton High School's school day to a screeching halt with a threatening Tweet from an evil clown? A Twitter user with the handle “@Clown254″ posted an ominous message reading, “Belton high school better be shut down tomorrow or else”. An hour later, they posted, “@BeltonISD be ready for tomorrow”.

  • Danny-Wayne-Gilkey-Bell-County-Jail-Photo

    Temple Man Impersonating Police Officer Attempts to Kidnap Young Boy

    Danny Wayne Gilkey, 40, of Temple was in the Bell County Jail earlier this year after police say he tried to lure a young boy away from his home on Avenue M Thursday morning dressed as an officer.

  • 6

    Temple’s First United Methodist Church on Lockdown As Man Barricades Himself Inside

    First United Methodist Church in Downtown Temple was on lockdown after a man barricaded himself in a sanctuary claiming to have a bomb.

    KTEM broadcast team member Rick Smith called the studio at 8PM to report that police had surrounded the building and were keeping churchgoers sheltered in place.

  • welcomia

    Belton Woman Accused of DWI with Child in Car Blames GPS

    Tristan allegedly crashed into an outdoor pavilion at the Moody Housing Authority. According to Moody police officer Louise Lopez, Dansby was on Spring Valley Road following GPS directions from Hewitt to Belton. Dansby claimed the GPS led her into the picnic pavilion.

  • Belton ISD via googlemaps
    Belton ISD via googlemaps

    Elementary Student in Belton Beat Up For Supporting Donald Trump

    A Belton mother who wishes to remain un-named says that days after the first presidential debate, her daughter was beat up on the playground at school for saying she supports Donald Trump. The actions on the playground have since been confirmed by Belton ISD and the news has saddened some families in the district. Belton ISD Mom Katie Crabtree told KWTX, “because of somebody’s opinion, or because their father has a certain political affiliation, it’s just absurd to me.”

  • Sherry-Janke-Kell-Image-Courtesy-of-Bell-County-Jail

    Bartlett Church Secretary Charged with Felony Theft of Funds

    The Bell County District Attorney alleges 47-year-old Sherry Janke Kell used $30,000 dollars belonging to St. John Lutheran Church to pay bills and cover other personal expenses while working as the church’s secretary.

  • 10

    Houston’s Naked Dancing Woman Gets Meme’d

    Don’t you just love it when you come into work and the first thing you hear is: “Looks like someone’s got a case of the Mondays”? Earlier this year we reported on a woman dancing nude on top of a semi on 290, putting already-miserable Houston traffic to a standstill.

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    WTF: A Texas Father Puts Baby In Refrigerator After Leaving Her In Hot Car

    Michael Thedford, an unemployed teacher of all things, was charged with manslaughter for causing the death of his six-month-old daughter. He initially left her in a hot car, forgetting her after he dropped his other two kids off at daycare. He went home and went to sleep. He then put her in the refrigerator trying to undo the damage.

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