One adult and 10 minors have confessed to their involvement in the burglary of an office and a concession stand at the City of Killeen Lion’s Club Park Family Aquatics Center at 1800 E Stan Schlueter Loopk early Saturday morning.

Police said Tuesday that one of the suspects was identified and arrested a few hours after the investigation began. On Monday, all 11 suspects were detained and confessed. Police have not yet released the name of the adult suspect and will not release the names of the juveniles.

Some items taken from the scene were recovered, but at least $1,000 in concession merchandise was stolen. Officials are waiting for a precise estimate of the damage, including windows that were shattered by rocks in order to gain access to the park's office.

This case is expected to be referred to the Bell County Juvenile Attorney’s Office and to the Bell County District Attorney’s Office for adjudication.