It's sad to report, but a business in Killeen, Texas, Variety at Peaceable Kingdom is already facing challenges in the new year. The nonprofit was broken into on January 17th, 2024 and nearly $20,000 in equipment and tools were stolen from the property. Now, Stacy Bruce, the Executive Director of Variety at Peaceable Kingdom is asking for our help.

Stacy Bruce Talks About The Theft Of Her Non-Profit

Bruce recently spoke with KCEN, talking about her feelings in regards to the break-in. Her feelings were simple: ""I think the overall emotion is violating and it's heartbreaking," she told the news organization. KCEN also reported that she never believed someone or a group of individuals would think to disturb a non-profit like hers.

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While the robbery has affected her, she isn't going to stop helping many children in the Killeen, Texas area. She told KCEN: "We will continue to serve our kids."

But residents of the city of Killeen can help Bruce in one very big way: keeping a look out for the previously mentioned items.

How You Can Help Variety at Peaceable Kingdom Recover Their Items

Bruce told KCEN that there is a possibility the items could pop up in pawn shops or on Facebook Market, so people should keep their eyes open for potentially seeing them for sale.

In addition to looking for the items, it's also possible for Central Texans to donate to the non-profit directly, by going to the link you can find here.

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