Every time I see Texas Parks and Wildlife do something cool like this, I question my career choices.

Not that radio isn't fun, but it's not "pulling a gator from a drainage ditch with a truck, then wrestling it to the ground for its own good" fun.

Video shared by the Port Aransas South Jetty shows TP&W rescuers doing just that.

When a 12-foot gator was spotted in a ditch near a Dollar General store off State Highway 361 Monday, TP&W sprang into action. They lassoed the massive reptile, then tied the rope to a pickup truck to get the stubborn guy out of that ditch.

Once he was out, TP&W rescuers and a few concerned citizens sat on the big guy so his mouth could be safely taped shut.

The gator was loaded into a truck and delivered safely to the Port Aransas Nature Preserve at Charlie’s Pasture.

Not bad for a Monday.

The Port Aransas South Jetty will have more photos and information about the rescue in their October 4 edition.

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