I can't imagine why these things keep happening, but the good news is that some dogs in need were saved before it was too late.

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A tip from a social media site led local citizens and law enforcement to what appeared to be an abandoned house in Waco, Texas. A video taken last week showed over a dozen dogs roaming inside the home, with no way out and no one there taking care of them.

Possible Dog Fighting Ring in Waco

Stephanie Cobbs of Cribs for Canines, an organization that works to provide shelter to dogs in Central Texas, said,

The condition is very sad, there’s feces and stuff in the house and they’re living in that. No air conditioning, and it’s Texas summer heat so they’re suffering.

Based on their collars and other factors, rescuers believe the dogs could have been part of a dog fighting ring, according to KWTX. The temperature of the home was measured at about 115 degrees when the dogs were taken.

Humane Society of Central Texas

After being tipped off by a member of the Heart of Texas Lost and Found Pets Facebook page about a house on South 3rd Street in Waco, Cobbs was able to get food and water to the dogs with help from law enforcement.

McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara sent his deputies to rescue 17 dogs out of the horrible conditions inside the home. KWTX is reporting that Sheriff McNamara says the owner of the property isn’t a suspect, as the residence is a rental property and currently has a tenant.

Condition of Rescued Dogs

Right now, all of the rescued dogs are being quarantined, since one of them tested positive for Parvo. When the animals get out of quarantine, they will go to the Humane Society of Central Texas, and the shelter has been at or around max capacity lately, so help is needed from the community.

The humane society is still offering free adoptions right now. For more information, you can call the shelter at 254-754-1454, or get in touch via email at: info@hsctxwaco.org

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