Two adults from Buda, TX have been arrested and charged for their role in the human trafficking of a young male from Central Texas.

According to a report from our news partners at KWTX, Jason Burt, 37, and Lucia Murguia, 34, have both been arrested following an investigation into the sexual exploitation of a Central Texas teen.

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The two were apprehended on March 14 at approximately 8:50 AM at their residence in Buda. Officials state that the two did attempt to hide from Buda officers, but despite their best efforts they were discovered. Both Burt and Murguia were booked into the Hayes County Jail.

Murguia's bond is currently set at $1500, while Burt's is set at $25,000 according to records from Busted Newspaper.

An arrest warrant affidavit states that, on Nov. 19, Burt “employed, authorized, or induced a child younger than 18” to engage in “sexual conduct or a sexual performance.”

“It’s important to remember that not only females are victims of sexual exploitation and human trafficking,” said Joseph Scaramucci, the McLennan County Sheriff’s human trafficking detective.

“Male victims are widely unreported, and I want to stress that we take all victims of sexual exploitation seriously and would encourage anyone who has been the victim of exploitation or trafficking to report their abuser to prevent them from victimizing anyone else in the future.”

A detective who was working on another child exploitation case that involved a Bruceville-Eddy officer found, "explicit Snapchat communications between Burt and the underage victim, later resulting in a payment of $170 to the child via Cashapp."

Following subpoenas to Cash App and a banking institution, investigators were able to link and charge Burt for the sexual exploitation of a child.

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