Wild hogs are a menace to our society. They come onto our property and tear it up or even attack livestock or your pets. In some cases, humans have been attacked and killed by the boars. That's why any way to help exterminate these animals is welcome. That's what makes watching this video so pleasurable for many as this dude kills 23 hogs while flying over them in a helicopter.

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My Personal Wild Hog Story

I'm gonna take you back to about 2002 or 2003, I was living in Lindale and was coming to the radio station for my early morning shift, so this was about 3:30 a.m. or so. I pulled out of the driveway and hadn't gotten 50 yards down the blacktop road when a hog caught my eye running up an embankment to my left. As I turned to look back at the road WHAM!! I hit his buddy.

I was only traveling about 35 to 40 miles per hour at this point. I started to move forward but couldn't get any power as I was pushing the gas pedal in. I still was able to travel down the road about another 100 yards or so when I pulled into another driveway to inspect the heavy damage that I knew was there and was causing the slow drive.

That's when I heard WEEK! WEEK! WEEK!

That's when I heard WEEK! WEEK! WEEK! and the truck was shaking. That hog got stuck underneath the front left wheel. I had drug that hog underneath my S-10 on that blacktop road. Needless to say, I hopped back in the truck as fast as I could, backed out of that driveway off of the hog and made my way here to the radio station. Once I parked, I got to see the damage that was done, a smashed front bumper and cracked grill. No other damage, though.

One of Those Unforgettable Life Moments

That's a story I will never forget. Many of you probably have your own close encounter with a wild hog in East Texas. Its a problem that's hard to alleviate but various laws that have passed over the years has made it easier to hunt these terrors.

This Man's Impressive Hunt

This gentleman was taking advantage of one of those laws to do some wild hog hunting over a plain in Texas. He boarded a helicopter and took down a pack of 23 hogs from the air. The video is (pun intended) bang, bang, bang showing his kills. Check it out below to probably get the same satisfaction I got from watching it.

There is no description of where in Texas this hunt took place or who the man is performing this good deed but he certainly deserves our praise for the excellent work he did. Kudos, good sir, kudos.

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